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RAINBOW OF STONE: A Journey through Deep Time in The Grand Canyon is a travelogue with a different twist. Viewers embark on a journey through deep time in one of the most remarkable geologic treasures on our planet: Grand Canyon National Park.  Stunning photography taken from the air, the rims, trails and river, along with crisp animation, and clear narration breathe life into the story.  Viewers discover clues in the landscape that reveal the processes that helped to shape the changing face of the landscape over time.  By taking a closer look at the canyon’s rock layers, viewers begin to see key chapters to the story -- times of volcanoes, episodes of mountain building, and times of ancient seas.  40 min., full color, original music score, live action, animation, Dolby Stereo Surround Sound®. Shot on 16-mm film to help ensure image quality.




Gold Medal in WorldFest Flagstaff 1998 for Best Travelogue

Classic Telly Winner (Festival showcasing the best of Telly’s first 20 years)

Telly Winner (Top Award) in the 1996 Telly Awards Festival for Travel/Tourism

Silver Medal in WorldFest Houston 1996 for Travelogue

Bronze Plaque in Columbus International Film Festival for Travelogue

Certificate of Recognition for Packaging Design in Columbus International Film Festival

Gold Award in Emerald City Festival (NW International Television Association) for Original Music

Bronze Medal in International Film & Television Festival of New York for Home Video: Travel


Reviewers’ Comments


“A majestic tribute to one of the greatest natural wonders on earth...filmed in all its dramatic glory...a relaxing, engaging experience.”  Billboard, 6/22/96


“If Blair Robbins’ name doesn’t ring a bell with those who watch travel videos, it should.  She is an artist among filmmakers.”. . Rainbow of Stone. . .”is surely one of the loveliest geology lessons ever put on film.”  The Seattle Times, 9/29/96


“I am so impressed with the creativity and the spirituality I felt as I watched.  The music moved in and touched my heart...”  Jeanne Spurlock, Teacher, 3/96


“A glorious visual experience, to be savored -- without a horde of tourists to distract the viewer!  Highly recommended.” Video Librarian, 11/12/96



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