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 YELLOWSTONE: Imprints of Geologic Time  tells the story behind the Park’s dynamic landscape. This program is a comprehensive view of the Park’s geology.  Viewers travel through geologic time where they encounter ancient seas, volcanoes, glaciers, and geothermal features associated with the hot spot beneath Yellowstone today.  Award-winning live action footage, crisp graphics/ animation sequences, and clear narration breathe life into the story. Natural sound was collected primarily in the early morning hours to avoid human interference. 27 minutes, full color, animation, stereo, shot on 16-mm film to ensure image quality.




Gold Medal in Worldfest Houston 1993 for Best Travelogue

Gold Medal in the CINDY International Festival 1993 for Best Cinematography

CINE Golden Eagle Award 1993-94 for Environment: Ecology/Natural History

Best Environmental Travelogue Award in the 1993 National Outdoor Travel Film Festival

Golden Eagle Award in the 7th International Festival of Documentary Films on Parks and Protected Places, Sondrio, Italy, 1993

Silver Medal in the International Film & Television Festival of New York 1993 for Best Cinematography

Silver Medal in the CINDY International Festival 1993 for Sciences

Silver Medal in the International Film & Television Festival of New York 1993 for Sciences


Reviewers’ comments


“...stunning...tasteful musical accents and ambient nature sounds backing intelligent narration...sterling cinematography...” Sue-Ellen Beauregard, Booklist, 12/15/93.


“...gorgeously filmed...highly recommended.”  Randy Pitman, Video Librarian, Jan./Feb. 1994.


“Students and adults will appreciate this video.  For that reason it is best purchased by public libraries where it will serve many users with differing information needs.”  J.C. Pearson, Video Rating Guide for Libraries, May 1994, Vol. 5, No. 2, pp.46-47.


“This video is a must...I’d recommend it even for those who may never set foot on this corner of the earth, but who are fascinated by the planet’s wonders.”  Michele Morris, Backpacker Magazine, May 1993.


“This video does an outstanding job...Highly educational and entertaining, it mixes spectacular natural scenery with easy to understand geologic lessons...Viewing it is time well spent.”  Out West Magazine, Summer 1993.

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Yellowstone Magic

Yellowstone Magic captures the magic of Yellowstone National Park in eight Video Paintings® composed solely of motion imagery, music and natural sounds.  Filmed over five years, this video reveals Yellowstone’s ever-changing seasons never witnessed in just one visit.


From the rhythmical pulses of geyser spray against a sunset sky, to vividly-colored wildflowers, glorious waterfalls and majestic wildlife, Yellowstone Magic gives wings to the imaginations of its viewers.  Perfect for relaxation, meditation or quiet reflection, and pure enjoyment of the art of nature.




Winner of six film festival medals, including the CINE Golden Eagle.


Reviewer's comments:


“There’s no finer filmed study of Yellowstone

The Seattle Times, 12/3/96


“The keen and artistic eye of Blair Robbins brings the captivating scenery alive. . .There’s no narration . . . but viewers looking to get a taste of the park’s natural beauty, planning to visit Yellowstone, or seeking a getaway in their own home may not need words to get the picture.”

Billboard Magazine, 7/16/94


“The words may be missing, but the visual education is not.”

The Herald, 3/10/94


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